Senator Barbara Boxer

Retired US Senator;
Political Activist; Author
The Art of Tough
Wed., October 3, 2018

After 34 years in Congress, California Senator Barbara Boxer has retired and is busier than ever. Today, Barbara is raising money through her new super PAC For a Change based in LA to help her party.

Barbara was elected in 1992 into the Senate along with three other women, the first major crack in the “glass ceiling” in Washington D.C. A natural leader, Barbara was a forceful advocate for families, children, consumers, the environment and her State of California.

She served as the ranking member of the US Senate’s Committee on Environment and Public Works, Senate Select Committee on Ethics, and a member of the Democratic leadership in the Senate, serving as the Chief Deputy Whip from 2005-2017. She was a senior member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, where she chaired the first subcommittee ever to focus on global women’s issues.

Her memoir, The Art of Tough, shares her recollections of service, and cements her commitment to the fight for women, families, quality and environmental protection inspiring us to fight for change. Join us for an exciting evening with this remarkable woman.




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